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Daniel Visser - Founder, Managing Director and Executive Producer

Glinda Games is an exciting new game development studio that is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Featuring primarily senior, veteran staff of expert programmers, 3d artists, producers, sound and QA, we are specialising in developing original games in new and emerging spaces, as well as for traditional gaming platforms.

Glinda Games was formed during the acquisition of Wicked Witch Software, and retains all of the original IP, designs, and much of the underlying technology of a body of work that spans 20 years.


Wicked Witch and Glinda Games founder Daniel Visser has made entire games by myself, worked in small teams, large teams, global collaborations, and built several studios from the ground up. These studios have developed all types of games, 3d visualisations, learning tools, large games in multiple genres, mobile games, console games, online games, and branded games on almost every gaming platform that has ever existed. So, if you need experts in games and software development, you have come to the right place!

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