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As the sun rose over the horizon, the sounds of war filled the air. The jungle and the slums, where two vastly different worlds meet, were locked in a battle that would determine the fate of the entire planet. 

The jungle that laid to the east was a place of mutated genetics and untamed nature, where the trees reached towards the sky and the animals once roamed free. The people who lived there were in tune with the rhythms of the earth, and they wielded powerful abilities at their fingertips. 

The slums, on the other hand, were a world of concrete and steel, where technology and economy reigned supreme. The people who lived there were scrappy and resourceful, using their wits and their machines to get ahead. 

For years, the jungle and the slums had coexisted in an uneasy peace. But as the world's resources grew scarce and the competition for survival grew fierce, tensions began to rise. And so, the war began. 

The jungle struck first, unleashing a barrage of tactical attacks on the slums, and erecting sentry towers to maintain any stronghold on the territory captured. The slums responded with a wave of new technological weapons, raining fire and destruction down upon the jungle. 

As the war raged on, both sides suffered heavy losses. The jungle was devastated by the slums' weapons, and the slums were battered by the jungle's abilities. But neither side was willing to back down. 

Many hard years passed as the war raged on, each faction fought in each others territory, stole weapons and abilities from each other, and recruited new legends into thier own leagues. The lines between good and evil, right and wrong, weaspoins and abilities, technology, tactics and currency, all became blurred. 

Now, it is up to you, to take up arms and join the battle to help win the war. Using your skills and tactics, weapons and abilities, and your own unique persona with your team, you can forge a reputation for yourself and become famous for your victories. 

The battle of NEXUS awaits you... 

NEXUS is a 5 v 5 3rd person MOBA published by Playa3ull games and developed by Glinda Games.

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